In 1990 I traveled with my father, a German national, to some of the towns where he spent his early years.  It was his last visit to Germany before he passed away at an early age of 60 to cancer, but it was such an important trip for the two of us.  Not only did we get to spend important time together, but it was also fun to be there as West Germany won the World Cup that was played in Italy that summer.  It was fun to see him get excited about a national sport.

I had never witnessed the hysteria of futbol before.  The local town tavern opened its bar to everyone with drinks on the house.  Now that would never happen in the USA.  They would probably just charge double…

But ever since this time, I have been fascinated with soccer and watched every World Cup since on television (as much as possible).

I started this blog to write about my experience in Brazil at the World Cup and now it has evolved into my travel business, Travel Directions, Inc.  Now, not only do I get to work with people as they plan their journeys, I can also create more personal itineraries where I can experience new “bucket list” places with friends and new traveling companions.

Come join me on one of these journeys.  http://www.mytraveldirections.com


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